Motamec Harness Features:

  1. FIA Approved Standards 8853/98 and 8854/98
  2. Alloy Shoulder Adjusters
  3. Velcro fastener for intercom / drink systems
  4. Colours Available: BLACK/BLUE/RED.
  5. 6" Shoulder & 6" Lap Straps
  6. 2" Crutch Straps
  7. Steel lap and buckle fasteners
  8. Complete with 4 eyebolts - 7/16" UNF
  9. 2 mounting options: Roll bar mount or Eye bolt

Motamec FIA Approved Harnesses, available in red, black or blue. Motamec harnesses feature alloy shoulder adjusters for comfort and a velcro fastener for intercom or drink systems. The harnesses are marked in accordance with new FIA rules and feature the most recent spec FIA holograms. Motamec motorsport harnesses available in 4 point or 6 point. Dated End 2020 under FIA standards 8853/98 and 8854/98

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