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Motamec Alloy Trolley Jack 2.5 Tonne Low Entry Quick Lift Aluminium Racing Jack

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Motamec Racing Alloy Trolley Jack - 2.5 Tonne - Low Entry - Quick Lift

Low entry aluminium Jack, originally designed for motorsport but also ideal for service workshops and garages working on race, rally and kit cars etc.
Twin piston design
Lightweight jack only weighs 25kg
Side mounted handles (easy positioning)
Quick Lift - 7 Pumps to top (No Load)
Wide track wheels & castors.
Rubber saddle pad protects vehicle chassis
Foam bumper handle pad protects hands & vehicle
Dual return springs
Aluminium handle

Lifting capacity - 2.5 Tonne / 2500kg
Minimum saddle height - 95mm
Maximum saddle height - 485mm
Overall Length - 635mm
Chassis Width - 180mm
Chassis height - 160mm
Overall handle Length - 1370mm

TUV approved

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