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Motamec Alloy 1 Litre Oil Catch Tank with Breather Cap Anodized Plain Aluminium

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Motamec 1 litre oil catch tank with breather cap - TIG welded aluminium - Plain aluminium

As required by MSA regulations for all types of motorsport.
Designed to collect excess oil vapours from engine
1 Litre capacity
2 x push on fittings 10mm/12mm OD barb
JIC/AN -6 threaded fittings
Screw on breather cap, allows both pipe fittings to be linked to the engine breathers
Includes side sight gauge & drain plug 
Unique design - The push-on hose fittings and sight gauge can be swapped over to left or right hand side to allow several installation options
Plain aluminium finish

Height with cap: 145mm
Height tank only :115mm
Width tank only: 135mm
Width inc flanges: 170mm
Depth: 85mm
Weight: 466g

Top quality genuine Motamec product

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