If you’re in the market for a new tool box, then check out the latest arrivals at Motamec. The two biggest factors when looking at getting new tool storage are size and cost. Fortunately, we’ve now got a range in that covers all sizes and budgets.




We’ll start with the smallest of the new selection; the Motamec M90 Top Chest. If you’re short on space, or only have a small collection of tools then this one is ideal. It comes with 7 drawers, two large (570 x 410 x 83mm), two medium (570 x 410 x 54mm) and three small (170 x 410 x 54mm), as well as the top section, so there’s no shortage of storage. As for the size of the unit, it’s not overly cumbersome, with its external dimensions measuring in at 724mm wide, 470mm deep and 507mm high when closed. Being the smallest of the selection it also works out as the cheapest. One of these will set you back £319.00 including the VAT (correct at time of writing).

You have two colour options with this unit; you can get it in either red or blue.



If you need a bit more storage, then the next option will be right up your street; the M90 Roller Cabinet. This, like the Top Chest variant, comes with 7 drawers, one large (570 x 410 x 170mm), two medium (570 x 410 x 112mm) and four small (570 x 410 x 54mm). The whole unit is slightly taller than the top chest option, coming in at 1027mm but keeps the same footprint as its smaller cousin. Price wise, this will set you back £365.00 including the VAT, and comes in the same two colour options as the Top Cab. This one and the Top Cab mentioned above are designed to marry together or work as a stand-alone unit. If you need to get both, then there are savings to be had with the complete unit costing £684 including the VAT.


If you again need more storage, the M94 range will work perfectly. As with the M90 range you have the choice of getting it with a red or blue body with black fronted draws, and the same style of locks (and a spare key too, just in case). Also like the M90 range, you have the option of getting the Top Chest, the Roller Cab or both together. Let’s start by looking at the Top Chest.



Although similar to the M90 Top Chest, this one comes with 10 drawers in four different sizes. On the right hand side of the chest are the four smallest drawers of the bunch (313 x 410 x 54mm), and to their left are another four drawers which are about 50% wider (570 x 410 x 54mm). Both work well for storing your usual hand tools, screwdrivers, spanners etc. Above these are the two larger drawers. Again, the one on the left is wider (570 x 410 x 170mm) than the one on the right (313 x 410 x 170mm). Overall, this unit doesn’t take up too much space, filling up an area of 1091 x 470 x 564mm when all closed up. If you’re after one of these then it’ll set you back £395 including the dreaded VAT.



The next size up brings us to the M94 Roller Cab. This 96Kg behemoth comes with 11 drawers in 7 different sizes, ranging from the smallest bottom right drawer (313 x 410 x 54mm) up to the largest top drawer (937 x 410 x 130mm). As for the unit as a whole, you will need a spare metre or two to fit it in, measuring in at 1091 x 470 x 1027mm it’ll have plenty of storage for everything you own. Again, as with all of the range, it comes in the usual two colour options as well as having a bottle holder on each side. For the size of it, it comes with a very reasonable price tag of only £495 including the VAT.



As with the M90 range, you can make a saving if you want to get both of the M94 units together. The complete unit, including VAT, comes in at £880. And if we’re being honest, there aren’t many places that’ll sell you a unit for that price that comes with 20 drawers, four bottle holders and tips the scales at around 168Kg.


If you’re interested in any of the products shown here, please feel free to visit the website or call a member of the sales team on 01758 357000 for more information.