How to use the Motamec laser tracking gauges & assembly instructions.



1. Slide the four arms onto the main bars, two arms onto each bar. The arms with the floor screwadjuster and level must be in the middle, with the floor screw on the laser/mirror side. Tighten the screws into position.
2. Attach the contact fingers to the arms, one finger per arm, fixed by nylon nuts and washers
3. Use the screws on the base to adjust the level, using the built in spirit level as a guide.
4. Attach the target plate with the four screws supplied
5. Attach the mirror plate with the screw supplied


1.    Ensure the vehicle is standing on level ground and that the tyre pressures are correct.
2.    Place the Laser side Gauge against the offside front wheel.
3.    Adjust the height of the Contact arms for the Laser side Gauge as near as possible to the wheel center.
4.    Adjust the width of the two Standing Arm for the Laser side Gauge so that the Contact fingers are the same width as the wheel rim.
5.    Move the Laser side Gauge away from the wheel and place on a level surface.
6.    Place the Mirror side Gauge opposite the Laser side Gauge. Adjust the contact fingers on the mirror side to the same height and width you have set for the Laser side by the four Contact fingers touching.


1.    Turn on the Laser operation button and the beam will project on to the mirror and return to the Target plate. If the angle of the laser beam is too high or too low to return to the target plate, the angle of projection can be adjusted by thumb screws on the center feet of each main bar.
2.    Adjust the Scale plate until the laser beam is exactly on the center white line of the Target plate. Check that the pointer is exactly over the zero of the scale plate. If the pointer is not exactly on zero, the Scale plate may be adjusted by slackening the screw on the center of plate and turn the pointer until the reading is exactly zero. Then re-tighten the screw.


1.    Place the Laser side Gauge against the offside front wheel of the vehicle with both contact fingers just touching the wheel rim.
2.    Place the Mirror side Gauge against the near side front wheel with both contact fingers just touching the wheel rim.
3.    Turn on the Laser button and the laser beam will project across the front of the vehicle, on to the Mirror, and back on to the Target plate.
4.    Adjust the Scale plate until the laser beam is on the center line of the target plate. Be careful when adjusting the Scale plate, not to disturb the positioning of the gauge against the wheel rim.
5.    When the Laser beam is exactly on the center line of the Target plate, the combined toe angle (tracking) of the vehicle can be read directly from the Scale plate in degrees/minutes, (each division on the Scale plate is 10 minutes)
6.    To allow for possible lateral run out of the wheels, move the vehicle forwards until the wheels have turned 180°(one half of one revolution) and repeat the procedure.
7.    If there is any difference in the result, average the two readings. Then check with the vehicle manufacturer's recommended tolerance.

Important Notes

1.    We recommend that any adjustments to tracking should only be carried out by competent person.
2. The gauge must be calibrated before use. No liability is accepted for incorrect wheel alignement.
3.    Never point the laser beam at a person.
4.    Never stare into the laser beam.
5.    Park with the front wheels pointing straight ahead.
6. Remove batteries when gauge is not used for a long period of time. Batteries can be removed by removing the switch unit located at the end of the laser bar, held by one screw.